DFB-2000 Laser Diode Driver with Touchscreen

DFB-2000 is a new generation of  laser diode driver launched by Healthy Photon. It integrates a newly designed laser current source and temperature controller with touchscreen UI interface, which greatly facilitates user's operation and measurement. It supports external analog signal modulation and displays real-time status on the touchscreen. The extremely low current noise and temperature drift is most suitable for high-precision optical measurement. Similar to the QCL driver QC750-TouchTM  our specially designed maximum current soft clamping can avoid damage to the laser diode caused by a large current in an unexpected situation. DFB-2000 also has a variety of protection mechanisms to maximize the security of the laser diode. The product is stable, reliable, and suitable for various NIR spectroscopy measurement systems based on laboratory and field deployment.

  • Details


• Integrated current source, temperature control drive;

• Linear output to TEC greatly extends the Peltier device lifetime;

• Multiple output protection mechanisms to ensure laser diode safety, such as adjustable current clamping, output slow start, over-voltage and

  under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection,,relay short-circuit output protection, etc.;

• Maximum current soft clamping function to avoid damage of laser diode;

• Full LCD touchscreen UI interface for users operation and status monitoring;

• Cost effective.


Current Source

 Current range

 10 ~ 250mA

 Current drift (24hr @25℃)


 Maximum bias voltage


 Analog modulation bandwidth

 DC - 100kHz

 Slow start time

 3 ~ 4s

 Current noise density



TEC temperature controller

 Max TEC driving current


 Max TEC driving voltage


 Maximum thermal power dissipation


 Setting temperature range

 0 ~ 50℃

 Temperature control range

 10 ~ 50℃

 Temperature control stability

 0.01℃(at 25℃)

 0.05℃(at room temperature

 Temperature sensor type

 10 kΩ or 20kΩ NTC thermistors

Analog external modulation

 Input impedance

 10 kΩ

 Modulation coefficient

 100mA/V ±1%

 3dB bandwidth

 DC -100kHz

 Modulated voltage range


General parameter

 Power supply

 5V DC,15W (including power adapter)

 Work temperature

 10 ~ 40℃

 Storage temperature

 -10 ~ 85℃

 Digital output

 RS232including communication cable

 HMI interface

 Full LCD touch screen display, control, alarm, and log record.

 Size (length*width*height

 16.2×11.56×5.37 cm3



Cable Interface

                                               Note: All dimensions are in mm

                                                            Table 1.  Panel Description






Display interface. refer to user’s manual for details.


Butterfly style

 laser diode mount

Power the laser diode, control the output light, current, temperature,etc.


Rotary knob

Fine-tuning current, temperature, quick start, etc. refer to the user’s manual for details.


Communication interface

DB9 typeRS232 communication interface.


Power switch



Power interface

Power input


Analog modulation

Current modulation port



Convenient for screen operation

                   Table 2. Butterfly Style Laser Diodes Pinouts

1. TEC+

14. TEC-

2. Thermistor

13. Case

3. NC

12. NC

4. NC

11. LD Cathode

5. Thermistor

10. LD Anode

6. NC

9. NC

7. NC

8. NC

      Note: Pinout definition can be altered according to customer’s request.

User Interface


                         Figure 1. Main Operation Panel

1) Laser current: shows the actual laser current value.

2) TEC temperature: shows the actual TEC temperature value.

3) The selection button on the left of laser current and TEC temperature: once the corresponding option is selected, the knob can be used for fine tuning.

4) Laser switch: Control the laser current source on/off.The switch is orange when it is on, and gray when it is off. 


        Figure 2. Example of device connection


  • Laser Diode Driver with Touchscreen Model:DFB-2000


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