Qube Plus Mini High-power QCL Head

HealthyPhoton has launched a newly designed Qube Plus QC laser head specially designed for high-power and high-current QCL chips. The 70×90×70mm3 module integrates a high-quality QCL chip, high-power TEC, low-noise fan, and output beam collimating lens, which is better adapted to the application of mid-to-far infrared laser under larger current and more precise temperature control. With HealthyPhton’s QC-2000 laser driver, a  compact QCL-based spectroscopic system can be quickly built.

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• Designed for high-power, high-current QCL chips

• Single-mode output optical power can reach 150mW, and multi-mode can reach hundreds of mW*

• Output beam collimated and extremely low optical interference fringes

• Integrated high-power semiconductor TEC, low-noise fan, and larger heat dissipation area ensuring strong cooling capacity

• Good hermetic packaging and temperature control to achieve the best output power Compatible with QC-2000 laser driver

*Note: The output laser power depends on the laser chip specifications. HealthyPhoton reserves the right to interpret the final power.

Mechanical Dimension (mm)

Mechanical dimension of Qube Plus QC laser head


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