QC-Qube™ Quantum Cascade Laser Head

       HealthyPhoton launched the newly designed QC-QubeTM laser mount, which integrates a high-quality Quantum Cascade Laser chip, Peltier cooler, low-noise cooling fan, and output beam collimating lens. A compact QCL-based spectroscopic system can be built based on this compact 70×70×70mmlaser mount with our QC750-Touch QCL driverOn the other hand, we can customize our product for a user-selected Quantum Cascade Laser chip based on the chip parameters.

Click here for high power QCL applications: Qube Plus High-power QCL Head

Customer cases

Optimized adaptive Savitzky-Golay filtering algorithm based on deep learning network for absorption spectroscopy

  • Details

• Compact package specially designed for Quantum Cascade Lasers
• Output beam collimated and extremely low optical interference fringes
• Integrated semiconductor TEC temperature control and low-noise air fan with 20W heat dissipation capability, ensuring constant chip temperature
• Output optical power can reach up to 100 mW
• Compatible with QC750-Touch QCL driver
• Cables and connectors included

Mechanical Dimensions (Unit:mm)

Mechanical dimension of QC Qube QCL Laser Head

PIN Assignments
Pin assignment of QC Qube QCL Head
Test Report*

QC Qube QCL Head: Wavenumber VS Current & Temperature

Figure 1. Wavenumber VS Current & Temperature

QC Qube QCL Head: LIV and Beam Quality

Figure 2. LIV and Beam Quality

*Note: This is an example test report. The QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser)chip used is manufactured by Thorlabs Inc. Chips from other manufatures are available upon customer request.

  • Model:QC-Qube™ Mini Quantum Cascade Laser Head

    QC-Qube™ Mini Quantum Cascade Laser Head

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