QC750-Touch™ QC Laser Driver

A new generation of QCL driver integrates a newly designed touchscreen UI, which greatly facilitates user operations and measurement. The circuit features extremely low current noise and temperature drift. The driver includes a TEC temperature controller and low noise current driver. It supports external analog signal modulation and displays real-time working status on the touchscreen. Our specially designed maximum current soft clamping can avoid damage to the laser chip caused by a large current. The driver also has a variety of protection mechanisms to maximize the security of the laser chip. The product is stable, reliable, and suitable for various QCL systems in university laboratories or R&D development.

Click here for high power QCL applications: QC-2000 High-Power QCL Driver.

Customer cases:
Calibration-free mid-infrared exhaled breath sensor based on BF-QEPAS for real-time ammonia measurements at ppb level

  • Details
 All-in-one module includes both current driver and temperature controller;
 Linear output to TEC greatly extends the Peltier device lifetime;
 Output protection mechanisms ensure the safety of QCL chip: adjustable current clamp, output ramp start, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection and short-circuit output protection;
 Touchscreen UI is convenient for user operation and status monitoring;
 It is easy to set up and fully compatible with HealthyPhoton’s QCL emitter module (HPQCL-Q and QC-Qube).

Current driver

Driving current

0 - 750mA

Current drift (24hr @25℃)

< 1mA

Max bias voltage


Current noise


Analog modulation bandwidth

DC - 100kHz

Slow start time

3 - 4s

Current noise density


<2 nA/(Hz)1/2


TEC temperature controller

Max TEC driving current


Max TEC driving voltage


Max thermal power dissipation


Temperature control range
(fan cooling)

20 ~ 50℃ (no condensation)

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature control stability


Temperature sensor required

10 kΩ, 20 kΩ NTC thermistors

Analog modulation

Input resistance

1 kΩ

Modulation coefficient

100mA/V ±1%

3dB bandwidth

DC - 100kHz

Max input voltage


General parameters

Power supply

220 VAC176-265 V),60W

Work temperature

10 ~ 40℃

Storage temperature

-10 ~ 85℃

Digital output


Analog output

9-pin QCL emitter connector 
(cable included)

HMI interface

LCD touchscreen display and control,
alarm, and historical data storage

Dimension (L*W*H)

21.4×15.4×5.9 cm3



  • Model:QC750 Touch™ Integrated Current & TEC Driver for QCLs with Touchscreen

    QC750 Touch™ Integrated Current & TEC Driver for QCLs with Touchscreen
  • User's Manual:QC750 Touch™ Integrated Current & TEC Driver for QCLs with Touchscreen

    QC750 Touch™ Integrated Current & TEC Driver for QCLs with Touchscreen User's Manual

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