(Video) HT-8700 Open-path Atmospheric NH3 Analyzer Sensitivity Test


    In an earlier video, the HT-8700 has started to work. What is its performance? This video will take you to intuitively experience the ultra-sensitive HT-8700 through two experiments.


    In the first experiment, when the engineer puts his hands around the analyzer for about 3 seconds, the NH3 released from the skin reaches the light path with the flow of indoor air. In the screen, the NH3 concentration data immediately rise from the usual ~30 ppbv to ~70 ppbv.

    In the second experiment, when the engineer exhales into the light path, the NH3 concentration data simultaneously surge to 106.38 ppbv.

Concentration data in the HT-8700 ammonia analyzer sensitivity test

Concentation data in the HT-8700 ammonia analyzer sensitivity test

    As shown in the video, the HT-8700 atmospheric NH3 analyzer adopts an open-path design with a response speed of <0.1 s, which effectively avoids signal delay and monitoring errors caused by the strong adsorption of NH3. This makes the HT-8700 an ideal tool for NH3 flux measurement based on the eddy covariance method. 

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