HT-8700 Open-path NH3 Analyzer Unpacking Guide


    HT-8700 is an open-path analyzer providing in-situ measurements of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) concentrations. Its superior performances in terms of high speed, ultra-high sensitivity, and low power consumption enable the NH3 flux measurements based on the eddy covariance method, especially in the fields without a power grid.

    This article provides detailed instructions for unpacking the HT-8700.

Safety information for HT-8700

The following picture shows the brief introduction of HT-8700 components:

Components of HT-8700 NH3 analyzer

Fig 1. Components of HT-8700

    SPIDER® (Spin Dust Eliminate Rotor) is a patented technology that utilizes an automatic rotating brush to remove the dust from the lower mirror, avoiding routine manual cleaning.

SPIDER® automatic mirror cleaning for HT-8700
Fig 2. SPIDER® automatic mirror cleaning

In addition to the analyzer itself, the following devices are also included:
1. Instrument installation components: a mounting post and fastening clamps.

Installation components of HT-8700

Fig 3. Installation components of HT-8700

2. Wires: an analyzer power cable and a data cable.
Cables of HT-8700
Fig 4. Cables of HT-8700

The connection panel on the top of the HT-8700 is used to connect external devices.

Schematic diagram of the connection panel of HT-8700

Fig 5. Schematic diagram of the connection panel of HT-8700

3. Components for the water-cooling system: a water pump, a power cable, silicone tubes, and a refill bottle.
    The water-cooling system helps the instrument to dissipate heat, improving the reliability and performance of the HT-8700 under different temperatures. In our past test cases, the HT-8700 guaranteed high-quality continuous measurement in a subtropical rice paddy even with a 40℃ ground temperature at noon.

Components of the HT-8700 water-cooling System

Fig 6. Components of the HT-8700 water-cooling System

The cooling water pump

Fig 7. The cooling water pump for HT-8700

    Our HT-8700 has been set up in wet rice fields in southern China and the dry land in the north. It has carried out vehicle-mounted mobile monitoring on pig farms in the suburbs and performed urban air monitoring in Shanghai. Follow us for more stories!

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