New Look! MCT Photodetector Rainbow Series


      As one of our most popular product, HealthyPhoton has recently upgraded the appearance of the HPPD series amplified MCT photodetector. Our HPPD series have been appreciated by many customers for their excellent performance. It is a more cost-effective solution with working indicators at the same level as other well-known brands. With this upgrade, the aluminum alloy shell of an photodector is colored with one of the seven rainbow colors, each corresponding to a wavelength between 3-10.6 μm. 

The new colorful look of HealthyPhoton HPPD MCT photodetectors

Fig. 1 The new colorful look of HealthyPhoton HPPD MCT photodetectors


      Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride (HgCdTe, or Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride, MCT) material is made by mixing semi-metallic mercury telluride (HgTe) and semiconductor cadmium telluride (CdTe) . The band gap energy of the material can vary from zero of HgTe to about 1.5 eV of CdTd. By selecting the ratio of Cd in the alloy, the corresponding absorption wavelength can be adjusted from short-wave infrared to ultralong-wave infrared. Due to the high response rate and fast response speed of the device, HgCdTe has gradually become a very important material in the application of infrared detectors.


      MCT detectors are widely used. One of its application is the gas analysis technology which HealthyPhoton has been focused on for years. In our past application cases, our HPPD-M-B Preamplified MCT detector provided to Anhui University has achieved high-precision measurement of NO2 spectrum near 6.2μm.

      MCT detector is very suitable for infrared railway axle temperature monitoring system due to its fast response and high accuracy. The system can monitor the working status of train bearings in real-time. A railway temperature monitoring system based on the MCT detector is currently an internationally recognized solution.

      Other cutting-edge applications include the focal plane array (FPA) used in military thermal imaging systems and the infrared imaging systems for terrestrial surveillance. Scientific research applications include the infrared detector arrays in the telescopes for astronomy and infrared detectors for spectrometers and radiometers.

Features of HPPD Preamplified MCT Photodetector

HealthyPhoton HPPD-M-B preamplified MCT photodetector 

Fig. 2 HealthyPhoton HPPD-M-B preamplified MCT photodetector

- Sensitive to mid-IR light from 2 ~ 12 um

- TEC to hold the temperature at ~190K that greatly reduces thermal noise

- Low-noise and wide-bandwidth pre-amplifier to convert photocurrent into a voltage signal

- Cost-effective

      According to the response band and characteristics of the original chip, the colors of our rainbow series MCT detectors correspond to the following wavelength and specific detectivity D* curve respectively.

Wavelength and detectivity D* curve of the HealthyPhoton rainbow series MCT detectors 

Fig. 3 Wavelength and detectivity D* curve of the HealthyPhoton rainbow series MCT detectors





Light blue——46μm

Deep blue——3.45μm


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