HPPD-M-B™ Amplified MCT Photodetector

HealthyPhoton's TEC cooled MCT Amplified Photodetector is a highly sensitive photovoltaic HgCdTe (mercury cadmium telluride. MCT) detector for sensitive detection of photons in the mid-IR spectral range from 2 to 12 µm.

The detector output can be DC or AC coupled. A multi-stage semiconductor thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is equipped to ensure the active area operating at a temperature ~190K, thereby minimizing the effect of thermal noise. The detector package adopts aluminum alloy materials, which shields the working environment from electromagnetic interference and also effectively dissipates heat.

Click here for a high-speed version (up to 100MHz): HFPD-M-B High-speed MCT Photodetector

  • Details

 Sensitive to mid-IR light from 2 ~ 12 um

 Signal bandwidth: DC/AC ~ 20 MHz

 TEC to hold the temperature at ~190K that greatly reduces thermal noise

 Low-noise, wide-bandwidth pre-amplifier to convert photocurrent into a voltage signal


HPPD Series MCT Detectors: New Rainbow Appearance



Detectivity of HPPD-M-B rainbow series MCT dectors

Detectivity of HPPD-M-B rainbow series MCT dectors


Detector material

HgCdTe (MCT)

Wavelength range

2 ~ 12 um

Peak wavelength (λp)

3um, 4um, 5um, 6um, 7um, 8um, 9um,
10um, 11um, 12um (optional)

Peak responsivity

Typ. 10 ~ 100 V/W

Active area

Typ. 1mm2

Signal bandwidth

DC/AC ~ 20 MHz

Output voltage

±5 V (Hi-Z load); ±2.5V (50Ω load)

Power supply

±5VDC (photodetector); 220VAC (power module)

Signal output port

SMA female

Woring temperature

10°C - 50°C

Storage temperature

-25°C - 70°C




0.2 kg (w/o TEC controller & power supply)

Mechanical Dimensions (unit: mm)

Mechanical dimensions of HPPD-M-B MCT detector

  • Model:HPPD-M-B TEC Cooled HgCdTe (MCT) Amplified Photodetector

    HPDDP-M-B TEC Cooled HgCdTe (MCT) Amplified Photodetector
  • User's Manual:TEC-cooled HgCdTe(MCT) Amplified Photodetector

    Model: HPPD-M-B TEC-cooled HgCdTe(MCT) Amplified Photodetector User's Manual

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