Beebird™ NH3 Analyzer Module

    HealthyPhoton introduced BeebirdTM -- the next-generation QCL based, cost-effective OEM solutions for ultra-sensitive NH3 online monitoring . This lightweight and compact measurement unit includes a variety of communication interfaces. Before deployment, users can test, calibrate and read data through the PC interface. The unique mid-infrared spectral analysis determines the performance of the product far exceeds the current generation products. The characteristics of the semiconductor production process determine the volume price will be very competitive.

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- Leading-edge QC laser technology, sensitivity up to 0.1 ppm with very short response time

- No need for multiple reflection absorption cell, simple and stable opto-mechanics, low maintenance costs

- 190℃ heated gas cell, unique high-temperature ammonia absorption line without water peak interference

- Online calibration, flexible configuration, OEM module ideal for system integration


 QCLAS (Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy)

 Measuring range

 0 ~ 300 ppm

 Detection limit/Resolution

 0.1 ppm (1s integration time)

 0.03 ppm (10s integration time)

 Response time (T90)

 ≤ 5s (gas flow > 2L/min)


 345 × 142 × 220 mm3 (L×W×H)


 ~10 kg

 Analog output

 4 ~ 20mA output (max. load 750Ω)

 Digital output

 RS-232 serial


 220VAC for heating (1000W max)

 24VDC for sensor (100W max)

 Operating Temperature


Mechanical dimension

Notes from drawing:

 ① Ports for circulation chiller fluid

 ② Sample gas inlet/outlet

 ③ Power connector for heating

 Chinese&US patents pending




  • Beebird NH3 Analyzer Test Report

    An in-lab test report, including a comparative test between Beebird and an NIR-based analyzer
  • Beebird NH3 Analyzer Application Notes

    Beebird NH3 Analyzer Application Notes

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