Application Case:High-precision Gas Analyzers for Monitoring Agricultural Gas Emissions in Field Environments
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Project Overview

Project Content: Agricultural Gas Emission Experiment

Project Location: Xianxiang Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City


Project Background

Agriculture, as the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions globally, exerts a significant impact on global climate change through the types and quantities of emissions it releases. Among these emissions, ammonia and nitrous oxide, as the primary gases emitted from farmland, have profound implications for China's environmental quality. Agriculture contributes to 90% of global anthropogenic ammonia emissions and 60% of nitrous oxide emissions. Improper control of nitrogen fertilizer application can exacerbate reactive nitrogen emissions, leading to various environmental issues such as loss of biodiversity, eutrophication, and haze pollution.


Therefore, conducting experimental research on agricultural gas emissions is of paramount importance for understanding their emission mechanisms, assessing their environmental impacts, and formulating corresponding emission reduction measures. In order to conduct more accurate measurements, HealthyPhoton has introduced the HT8700 Open-path NH3 Analyzer and HT8500 Open-path N2O Analyzer to contribute to the monitoring of gas emissions in agricultural environments. 


Features of HT8700 and HT8500


1. Open-path design, ultra-sensitive, rapid response

① Mid-infrared laser technology achieves sensitive measurement of atmospheric ammonia background concentrations.

② Avoids delays caused by adsorption issues in closed-loop instrument pipelines, enabling lossless high-frequency concentration output at 10Hz.

③ No sampling pump, sampling pipeline, or sample pretreatment required, ensuring simple maintenance.


2. Portable design adaptable to various field deployments

① Strong environmental adaptability and earthquake resistance.

② Use of low thermal expansion materials to reduce structural deformation and system drift.

③ Heated mirror design to prevent condensation and signal loss.


3. Suitable for off-grid areas and mobile platforms

① Low power consumption, capable of being powered by solar panels or batteries.

② Lightweight and easy to deploy and maintain in remote stations or on small vehicles.


We will conduct long-term monitoring of agricultural gas emissions, collect a large amount of data, analyze the effects of different agricultural management measures on gas emissions, and assist China in achieving its carbon neutrality goals, protecting the ecological environment, promoting sustainable development, and laying a solid foundation for realizing the goals of a beautiful China and sustainable development. Driven by technological innovation, China's environmental protection cause will reach new heights.

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