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The AGU23 Fall Meeting was successfully held from December 11 to 15 in San Francisco, covering a diverse range of topics in Biology and life sciences, including Geophysics and Geology.

HealthyPhoton Technology Co., Ltd., a prominent domestic manufacturer of GHG monitoring instruments, was honored to be invited to participate in the conference. On December 14th, representatives from HealthyPhoton, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, delivered a presentation titled "A laser-based open-path analyzer with minimal temperature density corrections for eddy covariance CH4 flux measurements." The presentation primarily focused on introducing the HT8600 Open-path CH4 Analyzer.

The HT8600 Open-path CH4 analyzer, employed for measuring GHG emissions with eddy covariance, boasts high accuracy, sensitivity, stability, and low maintenance costs. It is specifically designed for real-time monitoring of atmospheric methane concentration. Utilizing Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (QCLAS) technology and advanced signal processing algorithms, the HT8600 can swiftly and accurately measure methane concentration, providing reliable data support for environmental monitoring and air quality management.

The HT8600 garnered significant attention and recognition from conference participants, offering HealthyPhoton a valuable platform to showcase its strength and products. This exposure further elevated the company's visibility and influence on the international stage.

Looking ahead, HealthyPhoton remains committed to its mission Innovation for Green Life. The company will continue to dedicate itself to the research and innovation of greenhouse gas instruments. Simultaneously, it will actively engage in international exchanges and cooperation to promote the development and progress of related fields, contributing to the protection of the Earth's ecological environment.

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