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Project Address: Xianxiang Town, Ningbo City, at a certain aquaculture base

Project Time: November 2023

Project Content: Detecting methane and water vapor emissions at the aquaculture base


Measurement Installation:

The project uses HealthyPhoton's HT8600 Open-Path CH4 Analyzer and HT1800 Open-Path Water Vapor Analyzer.

The measurements employ quantum cascade laser technology and a design with an open optical cavity to avoid delays caused by adsorption issues in closed-loop instrument pipelines, achieving 10Hz non-destructive high-frequency concentration output.

  • High precision
  • Fast response
  • Low power consumption



Project Significance:

Aquaculture base greenhouse gas emission detection

Ecosystem Balance: The aquaculture base is part of the ecosystem, and methane, as a greenhouse gas, can cause the greenhouse effect, exacerbating climate change. Through methane emission detection, sources can be promptly identified and controlled, helping to maintain the ecological balance of the aquaculture area and prevent irreversible effects of excessive greenhouse gases on the ecosystem.

Water Quality Maintenance: Methane emissions from aquaculture bases may negatively impact water quality, affecting the survival of aquatic organisms. By detecting methane emissions, it can be ensured that aquaculture activities do not adversely affect water quality, safeguarding the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

Protection of Aquatic Biodiversity: Aquaculture areas are habitats for numerous aquatic organisms, and methane emissions have negative effects on the survival and reproduction of aquatic organisms. Methane emission detection helps mitigate these impacts, protecting the diversity of aquatic life and maintaining the stability of the ecosystem.

Climate Change Mitigation: Methane is a relatively short-lived greenhouse gas, but its contribution to climate change is significant. By detecting and reducing methane emissions from aquaculture bases, it helps slow down the rate of climate change in the short term, creating favorable conditions for more comprehensive carbon reduction efforts.


HealthyPhoton's first data service platform is about to make its debut!

Cloud Data Display

Cloud Water Vapor Flux Analysis


Addressing issues of dispersed sites, high costs of data acquisition cards, and offline data processing,

Reducing equipment and maintenance costs, meeting the real-time needs of projects and decisions.


Stay tuned!

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