Application Case: HT8700 Open-path NH3 Analyzer Used for Measuring Atmospheric Ammonia Flux Near the Canton Tower
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Project Details: Measurement of atmospheric ammonia flux near the Canton Tower by the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and conducting experimental comparisons.

Project Start Date: September 2023

Project Location: Canton Tower, Guangzhou


Instrument Installation

Project Significance


Air Quality Monitoring: Ammonia is a harmful gas often associated with air pollution and urban environmental quality. By installing an ammonia laser open-path analyzer on the Canton Tower, real-time monitoring of ammonia concentrations in the city's air can be achieved. This helps assess air quality and provides data support for taking necessary measures to improve air quality.


Health Protection: High concentrations of ammonia are harmful to human health and can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues. Monitoring ammonia concentrations allows for the early detection of potential risks and the implementation of measures to protect the health of urban residents.


Environmental Protection: Ammonia can also have adverse effects on surrounding ecosystems and can pollute water bodies and soil. Monitoring ammonia concentrations enables measures to be taken to reduce ammonia emissions and mitigate adverse environmental impacts.


Scientific Research: Ammonia monitoring data from the Canton Tower can be used for scientific research, such as meteorology, environmental science, and atmospheric chemistry. This data contributes to the study of ammonia sources, dispersion, and chemical reactions in urban atmospheres, leading to a better understanding of urban atmospheric environments.


Pollution Source Tracking: Ammonia monitoring can help identify potential ammonia emission sources within the city, assisting government and regulatory agencies in implementing measures to reduce pollution sources and enhance environmental management.


Knowledge Sharing: Principles for Site Selection and Construction of Flux Towers


In fields such as ecology, meteorology, and environmental science, flux towers are devices used to measure the exchange of gases and energy in the atmosphere. These towers are employed to monitor material fluxes between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, heat, and more, to understand various processes in ecosystems and the atmosphere. Flux towers typically include an array of instruments and sensors for collecting data on atmospheric and surface parameters.


Principles for Site Selection and Construction:

Representative Locations: The selection of flux tower sites should take into account the representativeness of the ecosystems or meteorological processes they are monitoring. Choosing representative locations ensures that the measurements are meaningful for the entire region or ecosystem.

Minimal Disturbance: The construction of flux towers should minimize disturbances to the surrounding environment. This includes reducing the impact of man-made structures on ecosystems or meteorological processes to ensure measurement accuracy.

Height Selection: Flux towers are often established at various heights to measure the vertical distribution of gas and energy fluxes in the atmosphere. Choosing appropriate heights can provide more comprehensive data.

Safety Considerations: The construction and maintenance of flux towers should adhere to safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment.


Flux towers play a significant role in environmental science research, helping scientists understand the interactions between the atmosphere and ecosystems, as well as the processes of gas and energy exchange. Selecting the right locations and adhering to the correct construction principles are crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable data.

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