HT8600 Open-path CH4 Analyzer

The HT8600 open-path atmospheric CH4 (methane) analyzer utilizes the state-of-the-art Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (QCLAS) technology. The product relies on the laser beams multiple reflections between two high-reflection mirrors exposed to the atmosphere, creating several tens of meters of an effective optical path length. The weak absorption of the laser energy at the spectral peak is extracted, and the trace gas concentration is retrieved based on innovative algorithms. The high-frequency and high-precision concentration analysis makes the HT8600 very suitable for measuring the net exchange flux based on the Eddy Covariance technique.

Based on the R&D experience of the HT8700 NH3 Analyzer, we have established many partners in China and the European Union. Please find a customer case at - AFM: Scientists Develop a New Instrument to Measure Atmospheric Ammonia.

  • Details

 • Using quantum cascade laser with an open-path configuration. No sampling required. Ensuring ultra-high sensitivity and fast response.

 • Portable design suitable for various field deployments, with solid environmental adaptability and shock resistance.

 • Suitable for off-grid areas and mobile platforms and can be powered by solar panels or batteries.

 Detection Technology


 Target gas


 Optical Path

 0.5m physical path;

 20m measurement path  


 (1σ; 0.1s/1s/10s)

 7 ppbv/ 3 ppbv/ 1 ppbv

 Measurement Range

 0 - 20 ppmv (other ranges are optional)

 Output Data Rate

 10 Hz

 Operating Pressure

 70 - 110 kPa

 Operating Temperature

 -10°C ~ 40°C

 Operating Humidity

 0 ~ 100% R.H. Non condensing

 Data Communication


 Power Requirements

 20 - 28 VDC

 Power Consumption

 Nominal 50 W (~100W at warming 
 up )


 L450 mm × ø90 mm


 < 16kg

 Environmental Adaptability   


  • Poster: A laser‐based open‐path analyzer with minimal temperature density corrections for eddy covariance CH4 flux measurements


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