HT400 Series Ozone Analyzer

  The HT400 ozone analyzer was developed by HealthyPhoton based on our experiences in trace gas analysis. The instrument can be widely used in ozone concentration analysis for environmental and air pollution monitoring. It also can be used in meteorology, disinfection, food safety, and other fields that need to carry out ozone concentration detection. The instrument is stable and reliable. It has been chosen by many clients.

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Product Features

- High portability, low power consumption

- High reliability and NIST traceability calibration report available

- Low cost


Product Parameter

 Measurement range

 Optional analog output ranges: from 0 to 1/10/100 PPM

 Analog output

 4-20mA or 0-1VDC or 1-5VDC

 Output unit

 ppb, ppm, mg/m3, mg/m3

 Time for starting up

 5 Min


 Minimum 0.1ppb

 Response time(T95)

 40sec @ 500ppb

 Data update rate

 0.1 sec – 100 min

 Data average time

 0.1 sec – 25500 min


 ±1% @100ppb-100 ppm

 Sampling update rate

 1 sec – 24 hr

 Sampling flow

 1.0 - 1.5 L/min (including pump)


 250×200×62 (mm) (L×W×H)


 1.5 kg (including ozone filter)


 DC 12 V, 1.5A max.@100-240VAC 50/60Hz

 Working temperature

 0~40 ℃

 Working pressure

 700~780 mmHg

 Digital output

 USB (temperature/pressure/concentration)

 Alarm output

 LED (particulate filter/laser source/ozone filter/calibration)



Standard accessories:

Calibration report


Operation manual


Silicone tube


USB cable

*1 (1m)

DC12V 1.5A Max. Transformer



Optional accessories:

USB to RS485 transfer cable

*1 (for calibration)

Basic software CD

*1 (for calibration)

Advanced Software CD

*1 (for calibration and reading/recording concentration data)


Product Sampling Instructions

      The high-pressure air source is suggested to be tapped with a T pipe, and the pressure should not be too high to avoid the pipeline loosening during operation. The dry air source after condensation should be used to avoid moisture contamination of the pipe fittings.

Sampling of HPE-1900 ozone analyzer


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