• HealthyPhoton Brochure for Ecological 2023

    HealthyPhoton Brochure for Ecological 2023
  • Poster: A portable laser-based gas analyzer for simultaneous measurements of N2O, CH4 and CO2

  • Poster: A laser‐based open‐path analyzer with minimal temperature density corrections for eddy covariance CH4 flux measurements

  • Literature: Field comparison of two novel open-path instruments that measure dry deposition and emission of ammonia using flux-gradient and eddy covariance methods

  • Literature: An open-path ammonia analyzer for eddy covariance flux measurement

  • Literature: A significant diurnal pattern of ammonia dry deposition to a cropland is detected by an open-path quantum cascade laser-based eddy covariance instrument

  • Brochure: HT8800 Series All-in-one Portable GHG Analyzer

  • Model:HT8700E™ Open-path NH3 Analyzer

    HT8700E™ Open-path NH3 Analyzer

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