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Open-path NH3 Analyzer

HPE-1817-NH3 is based on the Wavelength-Modulated Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (WM-QCLAS) technology. It relies on the laser beam’s multiple reflections between two high-reflection mirrors exposing to the atmosphere, creating an effective optical path-length of several tens of meters. The absorption at the spectral peak is extracted, and the trace gas concentration is retrieved based on our innovative algorithm.

HPE-1817-NH3 can be used for Eddy Covariance Flux studies. It can accurately quantify the net exchange flux of atmospheric ammonia at various ecosystems.

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Open Path, Ultra-sensitive, and Fast Response Deployment

- Ultra-sensitive NH3 density measurement using laser spectroscopy.

- No pump required, no time delays or attenuation from adsorption on the tubing.

- Fast response for large NH3 concentration change.

Portable Design for Versatile Field Deployment

- Strong environmental adaptability and vibration resistance.

- Enhanced carbon fiber spars that minimize drift.

- Heated mirrors that avoid signal loss due to condensation.

Remote Field and Mobile Measurement

- Low power that can be supplied by a solar panel or battery.

- Light weight, easy installation and maintenance in a remote field or on a vehicle.


(1s; 0.1s/1s/10s)

0.5 ppb/ 0.1 ppb/ 0.05 ppb

Measurement Range

Typ. 0 to 10 ppm (optional 0 to 20 ppm)

Output Bandwidth

Typ. 10 Hz (optional 20 Hz)

Operating Pressure Range

70  to 110 kPa

Operating Relative Humidity Range

0 to 99%

Operating Temperature Range

-10 to 45

Data Communication

Digital RS-232 (optional Ethernet)

Detection Method

Quantum Cascade Laser Wavelength Modulating Spectroscopy

Power Requirements

18 to 29 VDC

Power Consumption

Nominal 50 W

Sensor Dimensions

20 cm dia, 83.4 cm height

Optical Path

0.5 m physical path; 49 m measurement path


5 kg

Environmental Adaptability


Ordering Information




QCL based open-path NH3 sensor

Includes: 24VDC power adapter x 1, Mirror cleaning kit x 1, Circulating water cooling system x 1, Transportable instrument case x 1

HPE-1800-B120 (optional)

24VDC, 120 Ah Portable rechargeable lithium battery

HPE-1800-DL (optional)

Data Logging System: multi-channel data logging system records and synchronizes serial (RS-232) outputs from multiple analyzers and other devices (e.g., GPS, anemometers)

HPE-1800-GPS (optional)

GPS module with RS-232 output

Application Notes

  Here is the tested atmospheric ammonia concentration data surrounding a pig farm at Ningbo. We found two peaks of concentration (>250 ppb), which are at the main entrance of the farm (349.3 ppb) and the manure dumping area, respectively. They are both ammonia emission sources, and the concentration decreases gradually as the distance increases. The experiment proves the system stability and reliability on a vehicle traveling for hundreds of kilometers while achieving high-speed and high-accuracy measurements of sub-ppb level ammonia.


  • Model:HPE-1817-NH3 Open-path NH3 Analyzer

    HPE-1817-NH3 Open-path NH3 Analyzer
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