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Quantum Cascade Laser Module

   HealthyPhoton launched the first QCL emitter module in China, which integrates a high-quality QC laser chip, a Peltier cooler, an output beam collimating lens, and an auxiliary HeNe laser-alignment module. A complete QCL-based spectroscopic demo system can be built based on this QCL emitter module, with our QCL driver, TEC controller, and MCT detector. It is a complete turn-key system with a  low maintenance cost, which helps customers build a QCL-based system with the least engineering effort.
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• Room temperature CW QCL chip with wavelength available from 4 to 12μm range

• DFB single-mode output optical power that can reach up to 50 mW

• FP multi-mode optical power that can reach up to 100 mW

• Output beam collimated, including an optional coaxial HeNe red alignment beam

• Low-noise air fan cooling

• Easy-to-set standard DB9 connector

  • Model:HPQCL-Q Quantum Cascade Laser Module

    HPQCL-Q Quantum Cascade Laser Module
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