Monitoring of trace water vapor in natural gas
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During production and transportation, trace water molecules in natural gas must be effectively removed. The presence of water vapor can cause the following hazards:

• A small number of acid gases in natural gas, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, will form acidic substances in the presence of water, causing pipeline corrosion and even causing natural gas leakage  accidents;

• Gas hydrates may be formed and cause blockage of pipelines and valves, which affect the safe operation of pipelines;

• The quality of gas is reduced.

HealthyPhoton's TDLAS system solution has the following advantages:

• No cross-interference with background gas components;

• High measurement accuracy;

• Ability to measure corrosive gases as the sensing devices do not contact the sample gas;

• Ability to simultaneous monitoring multiple gas species, such as hydrogen sulfide and water, with a shared light path.

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