AeroNose Online Aerosol Cans Leak Detection Module

    In the packaging industry, the aerosol cans of propellant are often highly dangerous goods (for example, Propane mixture, Dimethyl ether, etc). Each of the aerosol cans is required to be tested for tightness before leaving the factors to ensure transportation safety. Traditional hot water bath testers are bulk sized, expensive, and energy-intensive. Meanwhile, the reliance on visual inspection makes its reliability questionable.

    The AeroNose series adopt the internationally leading QCLAS technology to provide the most advanced aerosol can leakage detection solution. With high sensitivity and high speed, it fully meets the market demand for water bath detection while consuming only ~10% power. The modular design allows you to integrate into the the existing production lines to optimize production efficiency, improve production quality, and reduce production costs.

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- Highly sensitive online leak detection system with proven capabilities.

- Up to 240 cans/min speed

- Small foot print, 10x less power cost

- Effective supplement or alternative to hot water bath tests

- Modular design facilitates production line integration, high reliability, and low maintenance cost

- Response to propane, butane, methane, ethanol, LPG, DME, CO2, O2, N2O, R134a, other HFA gases, etc






 Hot water bath

 Online Speed







 Visual inspection




 Response time 






 Working temp



 Can size

 Max height 350mm

 Max diameter 80mm



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