Exploring New Tracks in Environmental Sustainability: Top Global Universities Introduce New Programs


In response to global climate change, major universities are introducing new programs related to environmental sustainability, aiming to cultivate future leaders. This trend represents a significant transformation in academia and a call to our shared responsibility for the future. Let's explore these emerging programs and the opportunities and challenges they present!


Harvard University

New Institute: Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability

New Programs: Earth Sciences, Geological Sciences, Geophysics, Energy Resources Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

In June 2023, Harvard University announced the establishment of the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability, which will focus on climate and seek innovative approaches to address climate challenges.


Stanford University

New School: Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

New Programs: Earth System Science, Geological Sciences, Geophysics, Energy Resources Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

In May 2023, Stanford University announced the launch of the Doerr School of Sustainability, its first new school in 70 years, dedicated to research on environmental issues. Currently, its master's degrees are only available to Stanford students.


Duke University

New Program: Earth & Climate Sciences & Conservation

Program Details: Earth Climate Systems, Marine Science, Marine Environment

Starting from Fall 2021, students can choose the Earth & Climate Sciences major, which involves interdisciplinary research on environmental management, biodiversity conservation, sustainable and equitable use of Earth's natural resources, marine systems, and their governance. However, applicants must first apply to Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.


Vanderbilt University

New Major: Climate Studies

Minor: Environmental and Sustainability Studies

The Climate Studies major combines humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to explore the relationship between society and climate change and the challenges it brings. The minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies is open to students of any major, aiming to study the relationship between humans and the environment from a humanities and social sciences perspective, combined with environmental science and engineering knowledge.


However, support from top universities alone is not enough. Practice and application are key to advancing the cause of environmental sustainability. In this regard, HealthyPhoton is a model. The companys founder, Wang Yin, has a deep understanding of and commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility, embedding this philosophy into the companys operations. The company not only provides internship opportunities but also focuses on the growth and development of interns, helping them secure offers from top universities.


Recently, we received multiple pieces of good news!


Su, who interned in the market operations position at HealthyPhoton, has received offers from Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University! Additionally, interns Zheng and Huang in the optoelectronics R&D position have received offers from HKUST, Imperial College London, Cambridge, and the University of Pennsylvania.


We are proud of them!


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