HealthyPhoton participated in the China Ecological Forum 2024 Spring Special Seminar


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HealthyPhoton Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate inthe China Ecological Forum 2024 Spring Special Seminar on the afternoon of February 26th, Dr. Wang, the general manager of HealthyPhoton, shared the research progress of domestic gas analyzers focusing on eddy flux measurements, specifically discussing the HT8700  NH3 Open-path Analyzer, providing an in-situ measurement of atmospheric ammonia concentrations with high speed, low power consumption, and ultra-high sensitivity.


China Ecological Forum 2024 Spring Special Seminar was held on February 26th in Beijing, with the theme "Ecological System Observation Technology, Methods, and Instruments." The aim of the conference was to exchange information on the performance and applications of ecological system observation instruments, discuss new technologies and methods, and explore the localization path of ecological system observation instruments to meet the new requirements of ecological system observation and research in China, serving the planning and capacity building of the CERN field observation network in the 2025-2027 Special Project for Improving Research Conditions.


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